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The Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO), with its 6 national networks and 6 regional networks, representing more than  1,600 development NGOs, people's organizations and cooperatives nationwide, is the country's biggest coalition of NGOs working for social development.


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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 00:54

Groups call for greater voice for people's organizations and other changes in DRRM Law

Quezon City, Philippines — Various civil society organizations (CSOs) comprising of non-government organizations (NGO) and people’s organizations (PO) convened recently to gather local voices and consolidate their recommendations for the sunset review of RA10121, also known as the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 or the DRRM Law.

Exactly 5 years ago today, the Philippine Congress enacted the DRRM Law, which mandates the national government to develop a comprehensive DRR plan and local government units to develop localized DRRM plans, establish DRRM offices, and tap DRRM funds to strengthen Philippine disaster risk reduction management. However, a more inclusive and bottom-up approach to the implementation of the law remains to be one of the concerns of the CSOs, as they call for more participation of the CSOs and communities in disaster preparedness. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 00:44

Dodo Macasaet talks about Philippine civil society on AsianNGO May-June 2015 Issue

Catch CODE-NGO Executive Director, Dodo Macasaet, share his thoughts on Philippine civil society on the May-June 2015 Issue of AsianNGO. He talks about the value of having an organized civil society in Asia’s young democracies, the challenges of working with the Philippine government, the most pressing issues of NGO management in the country/region, advocating for stronger transparency and accountability in non-profit development work, and lessons from the success of CODE-NGO’s work in the Philippines which can be replicated in other Asian countries.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015 00:15

New Domain Exclusively for Genuine NGOs

On May 21, 2015, .ngo / .ong (ONG for, Spanish, French and other romance languages) was launched in Manila, Philippines. “It is a top level domain exclusive for civil society”, says Nick Thorne, international advisor of the Public Interest Registry. It is a ‘global community of NGOs’ on the internet, he added.

To be part of it, one must be a genuine NGO. Applicants will undergo a validation test through a set of questions about the background of the organization. An Advisory Committee composed of 7 NGO representatives will evaluate who are eligible to get the domain. For new and young start-ups, 3 organizations from the local area should tell that the applicant is genuine. In addition to the basic requirements, the organization must be working for the public good, not involved in any criminal act and is not for profit. Being part of an umbrella organization is an advantage.


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