Governance and Leadership, Strategic Planning & Management

Governance and Leadership, Strategic Planning & Management
Board members and executive directors of CSOs participating in the project “Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs in the Philippines” are welcome to join this group. Share information, tips and techniques, ask questions on concerns related to governing your organization.
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  • Roselle Rasay
  • Celia de Jesus
    “Practicing Good Governance through NGO Certification”
    Hello. We are from ICALL4GOODGOV, an alliance of various sectoral-based CSOs/POs (youth, women, pwd, faith-based, advocacy-based, etc.) who have decided to converge and register formally with the SEC. In our case,the organization has already been in existence since 2010. It just so happened that with our member organizations, the faith-based are the ones who have been technically in existence for 3 years. We are trying to look for possible opportunities and venues for a start-up fund since the members are from the urban community and most are also out-of-school youth. May we request to be included in the program of USAID so that we may also be capacitated and strengthened in terms of our organizational management capacity. We are looking forward to submitting a proposal to DSWD FDS Plus. We have the human resources needed to implement the project, its just that we are really in need of allied NGOs/CSOs who will mentor us and give us a good chance of proving ourselves as new members of a responsible CSO community.
    Last replied by Ebenezer Ramos Bonbon on Tuesday, 04 March 2014
  • Roselle Rasay
    Stricter Scrutiny of NGOs
    A youth-led community based membership organization like ours is contented with our organizational structure. A general assembly with elected council officers as highest governing body and an appointed members of the board of trustees as principal governing body. Most NGOs, if not all, are governed by a Board of Trustees and they do not have a constituency or a community that they hold themselves accountable to. They may claim they are representing a certain beneficiary group but these beneficiaries did not elected them as members of the board. NGOs are not democratic, some are controlled by an ED and some are controlled by the chair and there are no voices from the communities they claim they serve. That is why I am contented to have an organization that is membership based that follows a constituency representation model of governance. If the board they appoint does not serve the member's interest, dissolve them at once and nominate a new vibrant one. Our problem now is that the scrutiny made by regulating agencies affects our own organization who does not even have the chance to receive any government subsidy. I just hope that we will be regulated by the National Youth Commission so that we can operate independently and any investigations against corrupt NGOs will not affect our own existence.
    Last replied by John Piermont Montilla on Wednesday, 26 February 2014
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