Elmar of MISEREOR Visits PANGOPOD – a member network of CBD

“How do CSOs (civil society organizations) in the Bicol Region engage the LGU (local government unit) and other agencies? Is there a change in the system and opportunity for the CSOs to participate in this new administration? How do CSOs adopt to and/or surpass any challenges?“. These are among the questions that Mr. Elmar Noe […]


Muti-Sectoral Efforts to Respond to Child-Protection Issues on War against Drugs, Disaster and Armed Conflict

The National Council for Social Development (NCSD) conducted a Forum at its Mid-Year Assembly last July 26, 2017 at Bayview Park Hotel, Manila. It aimed for members to learn from each other, discuss concerns and create synergies necessary to upgrade the network’s perspectives and collective action in protecting children and engaging them to heighten their […]


WeVNet, CPU to work as partners for knowledge hub

The Western Visayas Network for Social Development NGOs (WeVNet) has taken active role to promote knowledge sharing between civil society and the academe for open government. In the project: “Making All Voices Count: Universities and Knowledge Partnership for Open Government,” Central Philippine University (CPU) has reached out to civil society organizations in Iloilo in order […]

eo on foi

Using the EO on FOI to Monitor PRRD’S Key Promises

Using the Executive Order on Freedom of Information (EO on FOI) to Monitor President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s Key Promises is a 12-month project funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Its overall objective are: to strengthen CSO’s (civil society organization) capacity to engage in participatory governance, hold government accountable and help ensure that government programs […]

philssa framework

Why we need a framework on urban disaster preparedness, response and resilience

The Financial Enablers (FE) Project is an initiative under the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Program of the DFID-UK, and the START Network, made up of the biggest international NGOs involved in humanitarian emergency response. In the Philippines, the FE Project is led by OxFam, in partnership with Christian Aid and Tear Fund. The project “Urban […]