Chit Chat: CSO Network Leaders on the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB)

The Bottom-up Budgeting program of the national government has been and continues to be a welcome reform initiative to the citizens of the poorest municipalities, especially to the citizens belonging to the organized sector, the civil society organizations (CSOs).

Based on the model of participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre in Brazil, this reform in the public fiscal budget preparation engages, for the first time, the community members through CSOs to take an active part in preparing the budget side-by-side with the local government officials. This approach seeks to allocate scarce resources to the identified needs of the community and hopefully will result in poverty reduction.

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A mini case study: An Eye Opener Called CSRC

This article excerpts from narratives written by Raquel Sanlucan, Rosita Pacay, and Alberto Gador regarding their experiences and insights from first using the Civil Society Satisfaction Report Card (CSRC) in 2013. The CSRC is a citizens monitoring tool administered to civil society organization (CSO) leaders where they assess their local government unit’s (LGU) performance in service delivery and governance. It was developed by CODE-NGO in 2012 and is currently being used in 44 municipalities nationwide.

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Bringing People to the Table

Would local chief executives of 24 municipalities in Visayas and Mindanao stand a good chance of being reelected (if they are still qualified and interested) less than 10 months from now? The answer, in part, would depend on the leaders and members of civil society organizations (CSOs) in these towns. Three years ago, these CSOs […]

7 Lessons on Scaling Up to Networks

Do you need to scale up your organization’s operations and advocacies? It might be a good time to start building a civil society organization (CSO) network. The image of a spider’s web comes to mind – radials at the center, then spirals of spaced threads around. A CSO network is like a web of organizations […]

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HOW I SURVIVED THAT WEEK: REFLECTION PAPER ON MY TRIP TO LUMBAN Gene Lloyd Torres   My mother would have loved to accompany me to the Barangay Hall of Concepcion in Lumban, Laguna; but for a twenty-year old guy like me, that would have been, well, embarrassing. She just wanted to make sure that I […]

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