Reflections on My CODE-NGO Internship

Working at CODE-NGO for more than two months has broadened my horizons towards understanding both the outer structures and the inner functions of civil society organizations and how they collaborate with the Philippine governance. By further looking at the significance of these organizations within the scope of our politics, it has added knowledge on how our country mobilizes towards different issues, advocacies, and projects worked upon by both state and society. With this, it comes to show that these groups, especially the member networks of CODE-NGO, are not oriented towards their personal advocacies but for the improvement of the Filipino quality of life.

Nicolo Bongolan, Matt Francia, Johnrich Loja and Miguelangelo Gaddi, CODE-NGO interns from May to July 2017


By updating the databases of the different member networks, it has opened my mind on the various programs and sectors of which the regions tackle when trying to improve their state of living. It is important to understand the problems faced in different localities to help them through programs promoting advocacies, social responsibilities or resource mobilization for various sectors such as the youth, urban poor, and even other NGO networks working for social development. We were even exposed to several issues our country is facing like the ongoing war in Marawi, Martial Law in Mindanao, the status of Philippine democracy, and Federalism through the seminars and fora we attended.

Thus, as my time as an intern at CODE-NGO came to a close, I must say that I will not forget and I will not regret choosing this institution to hone my skills and be a responsible Filipino citizen. CODE-NGO has taught me the significance of proper representation in society and righteous participation in assisting the state in achieving goals through efficient and effective initiatives and mechanisms for our country’s development. I will always remember the importance of civil society organizations in the growth and future of our country and it is because of my stint at CODE-NGO. Indeed, every single day working in this organization was definitely a highlight of my life.

Nicolo Bongolan is a 4th year Political Science student from the University of Santo Tomas. He was one of the 4 interns at CODE-NGO from May to July 2017.