Higit Pa: Reaching Beyond What We Aim For

CODE-NGO 25th Anniversary Book

Higit Pa: Reaching Beyond What We Aim For

25th Book Launch Video


A Salute to Committed Citizens Changing the World

Renowned American anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

The growing legacy of CODE-NGO through the years is how its members and programs have strived to cultivate these “game-changers,” these dedicated members of communities and organizations taking on varying social issues through innovation, information, and participation.


Former CODE-NGO Chairperson, Pat Sarenas, delivers the Foreword of the 25th Book during its launch


CODE-NGO, as an apex group of 12 networks of civil society organizations (CSOs), seeks to develop the capacities and skills of its members, as well as their partner communities to alleviate poverty and realize social transformation from the national level down to each individual citizen. CODE-NGO’s efforts have not gone unrecognized, nor uncriticized, as it explored new development strategies and methods, all within the bounds of democracy and social justice.

Inasmuch as the story of CODE-NGO is tightly woven with the struggles and successes of its member organizations, CODE-NGO offers this compendium of stories of perseverance, resilience, and, ultimately, triumph of individuals and organizations in the network, all committed to build better communities and futures in the Philippines.

For our 25th year, the book tells of 25 sterling stories.  It talks of the institutional journeys of the CODE-NGO’s 12 member networks, and inspiring stories of 13 individuals behind these organizations. One can glean from the book that what makes up the CODE-NGO network are leaders from all walks of life and organizations of various sizes and scope who have a common drive to empower and amplify the voice of the disadvantaged and unite the strength of the collective to create a dent in reducing poverty in the country. This publication is thus a salute to individuals and organizations who are contributors, and not mere observers, in achieving broad-based democracy, social justice and genuine development amidst the huge challenges of our times.


Some of the CSO leaders featured in the 25th Book pose for a photo with VP Leni Robredo


As CODE-NGO marks 25 years of committed service, it looks back at the significant involvements of its member-organizations in local and national development. More than a look back at the past, however, this collection is a promise that CODE-NGO’s dedication to development will not falter. As such, CODE-NGO looks forward to devising more effective and innovative solutions to pressing local and national concerns, together with its member organizations and partners.

Higit Pa: Reaching Beyond What We Aimed For” tells of the stimulating synergy created by individuals and organizations that come together in solidarity, achieving more than what they originally set out to do. Indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

May this book be an invitation to all citizens who yearn for the realization of all human rights for all Filipinos to join CODE-NGO’s efforts for inclusive and holistic development.


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