International Networking

International Networking

CODE-NGO views its efforts at international networking and linkages as important support for its capacity building and advocacy work in the country. International work is also important in helping to shape global agreements and institutions that impact on our development work in the Philippines.

We have continued to be an active member of the Civicus World Alliance for Citizens Participation, the Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA), the Asia Development Alliance (ADA), the International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) and Beyond 2015. CODE-NGO is also a member of the Asia Democracy Network (ADN).

CODE-NGO actively engaged in the Post 2015 advocacy both in the Philippines and abroad. With support from Civicus, CODE-NGO and the Civil Society Counterpart Council for Sustainable Development (CSC CSD) completed the country piloting of the Sustainable Development 2015 (SD2015) advocacy toolkit with the national CSO (civil society organization) consultation in September 2014 and the formulation and implementation of the related advocacy plan. CODE-NGO also organized, again with Civicus’ support, a Global Day for Citizen Action (GDCA) event in Quezon City on May 16, 2015, highlighting the need to support peace and pass the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and Social Development Goal 16 on building just and peaceful societies. We also attended the World Social Forum and Beyond 2015 meetings in Tunisia in March 2015, and CODE-NGO Chairperson Patricia Sarenas was selected as one of the CSO panelists in the UN Inter-active Hearings with CSO representatives on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on May 26-27, 2015 in New York. CODE-NGO also participated in the 2nd and 3rd Technical Workshops on Post 2015 organized by the Philippine government through the National Economic and Development Authority in September 2014 and June 2015.

Aside from these, CODE-NGO representatives participated in and/or delivered presentations at various international conferences and seminars, including the Seminar on South-South Cooperation in New Delhi in August 2014, the Asian Civil Society Experience Summit in Jakarta in September 2014, the Asia Regional Meeting on NGO Coordination Fora by the International Council of Volunteer Agencies (ICVA) in Bangkok in September 2014, the Latvia Development Forum in June 2015, and the AGNA meeting on Monitoring Enabling Environment for Civil Society and Civic Space and Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue in Istanbul in June 2015.