Network Strengthening Fund


Network Strengthening Fund


CODE-NGO established the Network Strengthening Fund (NSF) to support the capacity-building programs of its member networks. Since its establishment in 2002, CODE-NGO has allocated about P15 million to assist the networks achieve their organizational objectives.

A study made by the Civil Society Resource Institute (CSRI) on the impact of the NSF cites that the fund has helped build institutional changes among the CODE-NGO member networks. Most of them utilized the fund for strategic assessment and planning sessions, review of their organizational vision-mission-goals, revitalization of their organizational structures, and strengthening their networking capacities by applying ICT. The members also deemed the NSF a helpful resource as it funded activities which were not usually supported by traditional grant donors.

While the NSF was originally a 5-year program ending in 2006, CODE-NGO decided to sustain this funding window for its member networks for another 5 years to respond to the increasing demands for accountability, relevance and effectiveness in the NGO sector. The new round of NSF now incorporates a competitive grant mechanism and focuses on improving capacities for network sustainability and resource mobilization.


PBSP wins the NSF Competitive Grant 2009

CODE-NGO awarded its Network Strengthening Fund (NSF) Competitive Grant 2009 to its member Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) for the project “Technical Assistance in Enhancing the Capacity of the Business Assistance Program (BAP) through the Value Chain Clustering Methodology.” The NSF Competitive Grant is a small grant offered annually by CODE-NGO to its member networks for innovative projects that promote network strengthening and sustainability. Five other member networks competed for this grant for their respective projects, namely:    

  • AF – “Local Alliance Building for Community Support”
  • MINCODE – “Expanding Social Enterprise”
  • NCSD – “Strengthening Organizational Capacity as a Network for Social Welfare and Development”, and
  • PHILDHRRA – “Documentary Show for Network Sustainability and Fund Raising.”

The Committee which evaluated the proposals unanimously recommended PBSP’s project for the grant, citing that 1) the project objectives and work plan are clearly stated, 2) it is an on-going initiative, already tested and just needs to be upscaled, and 3) the innovation introduced is on producing field manuals to document the process so it can be replicated in other situations or similar programs.

NSF Competitive Grant 2009

CODE-NGO announces the availability of the NSF Competitive Grant FY2008-09.  Application for the grant is open to CODE-NGO member networks in good standing, for projects that will support network strengthening and sustainability.

Deadline for submission of entries is at 5:00PM of June 15, 2009. 

For further details, download the Competition Guidelines and Proposal Format. 


Projects Supported by NSF from 2002-2006

The Network Srengthening Fund (NSF) provided more than P15Million worth of grants to support 40 projects of the 12 CODE-NGO member networks from 2002 to 2006. Among the top projects supported by the NSF are strategic assessment and planning sessions of members, revitalization of organizational structures and use of ICT for networking.

Download a copy of the Summary of NSF Projects 2002-2006