Cordillera Network of NGOs & POs (CORDNET)


Cordillera Network of Development NGOs and POs (CORDNET)


CORDNET is a 15-year old regional network of development Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Cordillera Region with a total of 51 CSO members from four provincial networks and Baguio City-based CSOs. It continues to pursue its mission to support its member networks to empower and develop the capabilities of their partner-communities to participate actively in their own sustainable development. With members spread in various provinces of Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), it consistently develops and expands partnerships with various stakeholders to facilitate the development of the Cordillera Region. Working in an Indigenous People (IP)-dominated region, CORDNET advocates the promotion of culturally-appropriate development programs and strategies. Its core business is advocacy and promotion of community-based social enterprises to reduce poverty incidence and proactively support efforts to protect and nurture environment to help sustain Cordillera’s crucial role as the “Watershed Cradle of the North”. 


To know more about CORDNET, please contact:

Cordillera Network of Development NGOs and POs (CORDNET)
Cordillera Village Social Enterprises (CORDVILSEN)
11 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

Marietta Paragas

Tel/Fax: +63 74 442-3327