Central Visayas Network of NGOs (CENVISNET)

Central Visayas Network of NGOs and POs (CenVISNET)

While the Central Visayas Network of NGOs (CenVISNET) is very young, having been formally registered with SEC last June 2007, its member networks or NGOs are about 15-18 years old, having been organized as an off-shoot of the 1991 Local Government Code. Thus, its member provincial networks – i.e. Bohol Alliance of NGOs (BANGON) in Bohol, Negros Oriental Network of NGOs (Negornet) in Negros Oriental, Kaabag sa Sugbo in Cebu – are active in local participatory governance.

CenVISNET members offer varied development programs serving different sectors in the region including fisherfolks, urban workers, farmers, women, children, youth, agrarian reform communities, senior citizens, people’s organizations and academe.

Aside from local governance engagements, the network’s members are involved in community organizing, sustainable agriculture, cooperative development, enterprise development, agrarian reform, primary health care, gender and development, coastal resource management, water and sanitation, nutrition, basic education, youth and child development and labor advocacy.

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Central Visayas Network of NGOs (CenVISNET)
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